Welcome to the informational website for the class action Baker v. SeaWorld Entertainment, Inc., et al.


The Court held its hearing on the fairness of the Settlement and related matters on July 22, 2020 and found the Settlement to be “fair, reasonable, and adequate” pursuant to Rule 23(e). Pursuant to its Order dated July 24, 2020 (Doc. No. 529), the Court granted the Motion for Final Approval of Class Action Settlement and Plan of Allocation (Doc. No. 521), and granted the Motion for Attorneys’ Fees and Litigation Expenses (Doc. No. 522). In addition, the Court’s Judgment and Order of Dismissal dated July 24, 2020 (Doc. No. 530) approved the parties’ Settlement and ordered the parties to implement the Settlement according to its terms and conditions.

The information contained on this web page is only a summary of the information presented in more detail in the Notice of (I) Proposed Settlement; (II) Settlement Fairness Hearing; and (III) Motion for Attorneys’ Fees and Litigation Expenses (“Notice”). Because this web page is just a summary, you should review the Notice and Frequently Asked Questions for additional details.

The action, captioned Baker v. SeaWorld Entertainment, Inc., et al., 3:14-cv-2129-MMA-AGS (“Action”), was brought in the United States District Court for the Southern District of California (“Court”). The Action alleged that, during the Class Period (i.e., between August 29, 2013 and August 12, 2014), Defendants violated the federal securities laws by issuing a series of false and misleading statements and omissions denying the 2013 documentary film Blackfish had any impact on attendance at certain of SeaWorld’s parks or its business. Defendants deny the allegations of wrongdoing asserted in the Action and deny any liability whatsoever to any members of the Class.

The Court-appointed representatives for the Court-certified Class, Arkansas Public Employees Retirement System and Pensionskassen for Børne-Og Ungdomspædagoger (together, “Class Representatives”), on behalf of themselves and the Class, have reached a settlement of the Action with SeaWorld Entertainment, Inc. (“SeaWorld”), The Blackstone Group L.P. (now known as The Blackstone Group Inc.), James Atchison, James M. Heaney, and Marc Swanson (collectively, “Defendants”) for $65,000,000 in cash that will resolve all claims in the Action (“Settlement”).

The Class:

By Order dated November 29, 2017, the Court certified the following Class:

All persons and entities who purchased or otherwise acquired the publicly traded common stock of SeaWorld between August 29, 2013 and August 12, 2014, who did not sell such acquired securities before August 13, 2014, and were damaged.

Excluded from the Class are: (i) Defendants; (ii) present or former executive officers of SeaWorld, members of SeaWorld’s Board of Directors, and members of their immediate families; (iii) any of the foregoing persons’ legal representatives, heirs, successors or assigns; and (iv) any entity in which Defendants have or had a controlling interest or any affiliate of SeaWorld. Also excluded from the Class are any persons or entities that submitted a request for exclusion in connection with the Class Notice as set forth on Appendix 1 to the Stipulation and Agreement of Settlement.

If you are a member of the Class, your legal rights will be affected whether or not you act. PLEASE READ THE NOTICE CAREFULLY TO FULLY UNDERSTAND YOUR RIGHTS AND OPTIONS. The Frequently Asked Questions page of this website also has information on your rights as a Class Member.

If you are a member of the Class, in order to be potentially eligible to receive a payment from the proceeds of the Settlement, you were required to submit a Claim Form. Claim Forms must have been postmarked (if mailed) or submitted via this website, no later than July 16, 2020.

Payments to eligible claimants will be made after the completion of all claims processing. Please be patient, as this process will take some time to complete.

Class Members' Rights and Options
Submit a Claim Form The only way to be eligible to receive a payment from the Net Settlement Fund. Claim Forms must have been postmarked (if mailed), or submitted online no later than July 16, 2020.
Object to the Settlement Write to the Court about why you do not like the Settlement, the request for attorneys’ fees and expenses, and/or the Plan of Allocation. Any objections must have been received on or before July 1, 2020, in accordance with the instructions contained in the Notice.
Go to the Settlement Fairness Hearing Ask to speak in Court about the fairness of the Settlement. Notices to appear must have been received by the Court on or before July 1, 2020. The Settlement Fairness Hearing was held at 10:00 a.m. on July 22, 2020.
Do Nothing and Remain in the Class Receive no payment. You will, however, still be a Class Member, which means that you give up your right to ever be part of any other lawsuit against the Defendants about the legal claims being resolved by this Settlement and you will be bound by any judgments or orders entered by the Court in the Action.

If you have questions, please call 1-877-893-2672 or email info@SeaWorldSecuritiesLitigation.com.